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CCB Johannesburg tailors financial solutions to meet customer needs. The branch is committed to developing and expanding its potential partners, and contributing to the development of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation.

CCB Johannesburg provides financing for host of business activities including infrastructure construction, industrial projects, and public service projects through using products such as syndicated loans, bilateral loans, project financing, debt financing, and structured financing.
Interest rates and charges on products and services shall vary from client to client. The branch has an experienced team dedicated to providing customers with the following products and services:

Syndication loan and Bilateral loan

The branch maintains good cooperative relationships with many large commercial banks in South Africa and abroad. CCB Johannesburg has participated and collaborated in a number of local and international syndicated loans with international banks. Products such as bilateral loans have strongly supported the diversified business needs of our high-quality corporate customers simultaneously providing them with more control over the terms and conditions surrounding the loans.

Project Financing and Export Credit

The branch has provided credit support to customers in projects in sub-Saharan Africa which include export credit projects and sovereign borrowing projects. This has enabled clients to solve the cash flow difficulties of the Chinese financed projects operating in Africa, or to meet the financial needs of African projects.  


Based on client requirements, the branch can issue various types of guarantees. The Bank is also able to transfer the guarantee or issue back to back guarantees from the local enterprises or South African government. Bid guarantees, performance guarantees and advance payment guarantees can be facilitated according to the requirements of customers.


Loans guaranteed by overseas banks

The Branch is able to support the financing needs of Chinese and other enterprises in Africa by providing them with loans on the back of a standby letter of credit or financing guarantee. The Branch is also able to support customer requirements through international loans, cross-border risk participation financing and other linkage products. This type of business is mainly used to support the financing needs of local subsidiary companies or affiliated companies of international or China headquartered parent companies by ensuring their capital requirements, daily operation, and production and construction costs requirements are met.