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About us(Johannesburg Branch)

China Construction Bank Corporation Johannesburg Branch (CCB JHB) was established in October, 2000. It is CCB’s advance base for development of the African market. The Johannesburg branch consists of a diversified, international and professional team. Its aim is building a business focusing growing both the domestic and foreign enterprises in support of the one belt one road initiative by providing bilateral loans (including CCB domestic guaranteed loan), syndication loans, trade finance, project finance, Renminbi services, FX trade and settlement in support of customer business requirements. The business targets clients in the integrated energy, communication, mining, financial services, trading, logistics, manufacturing and media industries, in 47 countries in the sub Saharan Africa region by providing multi facet services to our clients.

The Johannesburg branch concentrates on localization, with the majority of the clients being African corporations, including more than 20 of South African listed companies, state owned companies and international companies. The branch has also established a strategic alliance with one of the leading financial groups in South Africa. CCB JHB’s assets and profits are ranked high among the foreign banks in the African region, which makes it very competitive. CCB group holds the African market in high regard.

Relying on the group’s strong financial background and overseas networks, the Johannesburg branch has used these advantages to provide financial services and funding to Chinese companies entering the Africa markets, and simultaneously enhancing the development of Sino-African trade.

In the future, CCB Johannesburg branch aims to become a key bank in the Southern African region by actively focusing on Sino- African trade by increasing its reach and contribution as a regional organization, and providing our clients with robust and efficient financial services.