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Money Market Deposits - Authorised customers may place funds on deposit both on call or term as they require. Their features are simply:

Call Accounts:   

- These can be opened in any currency in which the Branch is authorized

- Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time

- Interest accrual on a daily basis and added to the principal at month-end

Term Deposits:   

- All periods up to 1 year in major currencies.

- Interest earned can be added to principal or paid out at maturity

- On maturity the account can be used for new investments if required.

- To compliment our product base, the Branch has commenced an NCD issuance program and will be able to offer these as an investment diversification to our customers.


Money Market loans - Customers can utilize their authorized credit facilities to obtain short-term funding should they have the need.


Foreign Exchange - Our Branch is regulated by the South African Reserve Bank and is an authorized Foreign Exchange Dealer

Offering the following:

Spot transactions in local and major currencies

Forward transactions including NDFs , Renminbi and other major currencies

FX Swaps