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Trade Finance

With superior financing structure and efficient business procedure designed by a professional team, we provides a full range of trade finance solutions to help clients to design trade structure, mitigate trade related risk, lessenforeign exchange exposure, accelerate cash flow, reducetransaction costs, and improving fund tracking and management abilities.

Under LC:

Ø  L/C Issuance

Ø  Import L/C Finance

Ø  Packing Loan

Ø  L/C Negotiation

Ø  Export Bill Purchase

Ø  Usance L/C BillDiscount

Ø  Forfaiting

Under Collection:

Ø  Import Collection Finance

Ø  Export Collection Finance

Under T/T:

Ø  Export Order Finance

Ø  Export Invoice Finance

Ø  Account Receivables Finance

Ø  Factoring

Ø  Supply Chain Finance