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About us(Cape Town branch)

China Construction Bank Cape Town Branch is a sub-branch established in South Africa under China Construction Bank Johannesburg Branch. The branch officially opened in September 2015, and the office is located in the CBD of Cape Town. Being the legislative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is one of the most economically developed cities in the country.
As an extension of the front office of  Johannesburg Branch, the main function of the Cape Town office is to provide enhanced banking services to existing and new corporate clients within the region.  Relying on the support from the mid and back-offices of the Johannesburg Branch, Cape Town Branch has made positive progress in expanding its business development and client base in the local and surrounding areas.
While the Branch focuses on exploring opportunities in and around Cape Town, it also actively promotes the Bank’s brand through hosting and participating in various networking events, community service initiatives, as well as sponsoring local sports events. These efforts have achieved positive responses in the local financial industry and community.